Captain’s Noon Reports – San Ignacio – 2024-02-06

Today we have a chill morning, we start with some rain around 10 am.

Glamp group, have his last ww as normal. No issues in the airstrip. We welcome 15 guests and 4 guests stay as an extended trip.

These guests have been so nice. They do not want anything so physical, don’t want hiking. I sit with the two couples and we decide to do this.

06/02 ww in the morning with the end of the group, early lunch, and some kayaking in the mangroves, next visited the oyster farm(they closed because we had a strong rain) .

07/02 Breakfast and going to the caves for the day have a kayak have lunch in San Ignacio and do some kayak in the oasis coming to camp before dinner.

08/02 They want to go again to WW in the morning, we want to try the oyster farm and after that go to the salt flats for the sunset and make a margarita.

Clamp new group of 15 guests we send normal to ww and come back around 1430 because they close the area for the rain. We going to compensate tomorrow with an extra whale watching in the afternoon.

Lux group went out this morning as normal for two ww, and this afternoon we are getting ready when they close the area and we are doing the same tomorrow. We going to compensate for an extra afternoon ww. Everyone is ok and safe, some of the guests booking for a massage. and some are already in the bar.

No issues with the tents until now for the rain. They still raining and we expect to be like this until tonight. Tomorrow’s weather conditions look favorable.

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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