Captain’s Noon Reports – Explorer – 2024-02-25

Yesterday we ended our scheduled dives on a high note and we waved goodbye to the Belle Amis. There were lots of tired happy faces.

After recovering the divers for the last time, our guests then spent time on the sundeck watching the sun go down enjoying sun-downers before relocating inside for some cheese and wine. The selection of cheeses on offer meant that everybody was satisfied with the variety.

We are currently enroute to Cabo, with another 130NM to go. WX: Partially cloudy skies, smooth seas, almost like a mirror but not quite. Air temp 80F Sea Water 75F. Vessel moving easily at times.

This afternoon the Gift Shop will be open for last minute items, looking at what guests are wearing, the company apparel is certainly very popular.

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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