Captain’s Noon Reports – Explorer – 2024-02-29

Good afternoon, everyone, Vessel is currently lying at Anchor at “El Boiler”.  STBD Anchor in Use, 3 Shackles in the Water. 

Yesterday dives were similar to the morning, Guests reported seeing Mantas, White Tips and Silver Tips, no additional Groups of Hammerheads apart from the same group we saw this morning. 

0600 we heaved Anchor and made our way here to El Boiler arriving at 0645 and were brought up in time for Continental Breakfast. Guests have reported seeing, White Tips, Silver Tips, Galapagos, Mantas, and Tuna.

There was a Humpback whale breaching a boat length away on the Stbd side. No divers saw it, however the Guests who were on deck definitely did.  I hoping they were able to grab some good camera footage to share.

Ephemerals, Wind has remained from the North all day, 15-18Kts gusting to 20Kts. Seas have been Slight to Moderate and a swell south of the Boiler around 8ft. The vessel has been pitching and rolling slightly and the anchor has been holding good, and we have been able to conduct dive operations in a safe manner.

Skies did threaten to give us a clear sky but has stubbornly remained cloudy to overcast. Air temp 22C with a sea temp of 25C. Underwater visibility around 20m.

After the 3rd Dive which is currently ongoing, we have an option available to go to the lava finger or Manta Highway for our 4th and final dive of the day, if conditions here start to worsen. Hotel services are running well.

WiFi service has been constant and available, several of our guests are working remotely in between dives and in the evening and they are happy with the connection.

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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