Captain’s Noon Reports – San Ignacio – 2024-03-16

This morning before sending all the pangas to ww, we found a Turtle on the beach, with his limbs bitten off, we believe it was the coyotes who did it that night. We called the turtle sanctuary in El Cardon and they said they would come so we could just leave it on the beach where the sun wouldn’t hit it.

They never came, and the turtle died on the beach, who knows how many hours it would have been stranded on the beach before finding it? We called again and they told us that they couldn’t come so we should leave it there. At midday, we found another dead turtle at the other end of the beach.

Whale watching was good, but yesterday they did the last account of whales on the lagoon and they accounted 37 whales and 15 mom and baby in the entire area. We are worried because they start to go more to the end of the area. Last week they closed Lopez Mateo and finished the season early.

I think maybe is the tide because is too low this week, but I don’t know I’m starting to ask the other operators what think about his experience. They say that this year there were fewer than other years, that it is normal because of El Nino Year.

There are still the ones that come from Magdalena Bay to come in. Normally, whales are expected until the third week of April. All the guests were so nice, The Group Manuel is been here many times.

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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