Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2024-03-21

NGL at Espiritu Santo today. Beautiful day with light northerly breeze, clear skies, air temp 28C.

Yesterday afternoon kayaked inside the mangroves at San Jose Island which the guests enjoyed very much, then anchored at San Francisco for the night.

This morning departed at sunrise to Espiritu Santo so we could do some whale watching on the way. Saw several spouts on the way and the one we decided to go for ended up being what looked like a Sei whale, disproportionately large blow for the size of the whale, and they love to change direction and come up where you least expect them to. But we had a nice little time watching him pretty close to the NGL.

I offered to launch kayaks with the whale but no one wanted to partake so we carried on. Also came across a pod of common dolphins and watched them playing in our wake for a while. Arrived to Candelero at Espiritu Santo at 10am and had a morning paddle and beach hike.

Now just moved south to near El Corralito and going to do so me paddling, beach picnic, snorkeling…whatever everybody wants to do.

Tomorrow so far my plan is El Saltito in Cerralvo channel, but waiting to hear if there are lots of whale sharks on the west side of Bay of la Paz before final decision.

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