Captain’s Noon Reports – San Ignacio – 2024-03-21

The weather is very warm on the lagoon the tie is higher since yesterday!

The whale activity was slow in the last few days, but today got better, and the captains said they saw more in the entrance of the lagoon, I asked the pilot if on his way north this morning can do some research near the coast just saw a few whales at 30 miles south of the lagoon.

This morning, we get so worried because the account sent me this morning was 3 single whales and 2 mom and calf but the morning whale watching was good the group just left was very happy!!

I have some feedback this morning for some guests they leave about the guides, It is very interesting to have Jesus or Ranulfo in their panga because in the downtime when there are no whales around them, it is interesting all the stories they have to tell in addition to all the knowledge they have about the lagoon.

What I tell guests is that these guys were born with whales and of course, they have the best-lived knowledge in this area and that the other boys are forming a path in the lagoon, gaining experience season by season.

But they know because they are Marine Biologists which is true but you can see that they are more shy, if you ask them they answer, and so on but they are not as talkative as Ranulf and Jesus.

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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