Mantas and Dolphins Amazing Encounter!

This is our second liveaboard trip, and our instructor told us that the best liveaboards she had is in Socorro with Nautilus Explorer. We booked this a year in advance, and were a group of 9 Filipinos from the Philippines. Little did we know that this would be the best dive of our lifetime. I remembered vividly, Day 2 of our dive trip in Island Socorro, in Cabo Pierce, we were circled with around 5 mantas, and more than 30 dolphins interacting with us for more than 15 minutes.
But more than the diving experience, the entire crew was extremely amazing. Not only that they were kind, hospitable, and accommodating, they really attended to our needs, not only as a group but also individually. We were also briefed for one whole day, and they are very particular with the safety of the passengers to the point that we had a fire drill and our own GPS.
I would really recommend Nautilus Explorer, Socorro trip. Indeed, the best experience of a lifetime.


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