Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2024-04-03

NGL anchored at Bahia de Los Suenos today. Wind is northerly 25-30kts. 1-2′ chop in the anchorage. Sky clear. Air temp 26C.

We’ve been anchored here since yesterday morning riding out this storm passing through. We did go out this morning for a search of the bay, but we only managed to get about an hour in before the wind picked up strong again and we returned to the anchor spot. It’s been blowing steadily 25-30 for the past couple hours. Laying in 25′ of water with 4 shots out.

Yesterday in the afternoon we took those interested out for a dive on the reef that’s here in the bay, which was nice and they enjoyed. We had taco night last night, inside but delicious nonetheless.

Something from a couple days ago, we saw a humpback, the rhib went to see it. Turns out that humpback had a net wrapped around it’s tail and it was breaching trying to get it clear. A couple of our guests are Mexican and they have some contacts with conanp, so with them we found out that conanp was already aware of and tracking the whale to help it.

Since these last couple days have been so windy I’m sure they wouldn’t have been able to do much. But perhaps they could use the help of the plane to locate the whale once the wind dies out. The guests who have the contact are in their rooms right now but I’ll get the contact info to share via email when I see them again this afternoon.

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