Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2024-04-05

NGL is in SW bay of la Paz today, a few miles from San Juan de la Costa. Weather is cooperating with us today, light breeze out of the east right now with less than 1′ seas. Sky partly cloudy, air temp 28C, water temp 23C.

Attempted a night snorkel/dive last night at Ensenada Grande, turned on the underwater lights and floods but the mobulas didn’t show up. We did get some sealions show up and chase some fish around so one guests did jump in for a snorkel with them.

This morning, we departed Ensenada Grande in 15-20kts from the SE and 2′ chop, but running directly into it wasn’t too uncomfortable and the northerly swell had disappeared. Arrived just south of San Juan de la Costa around 2130 just behind the plane.

The first call we got from them just as I was slowing down was that there was a whale shark at my 12 o’clock about 1 mile. So, we’ve spent the morning with that whale shark and now a second larger whale shark nearby. All guests getting some good snorkel time with the sharks, having a great time.

This afternoon we’ll continue searching the bay, or maybe stay along the coast if the guests want. Planning to be anchored near Cantamar tonight and shift alongside the dock at 0600 tomorrow before the wind picks up. Strong northerlies forecast for tomorrow starting before 0800 and I believe the port will be closed tomorrow. Following day looks ok.

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