Amazing diving at Cabo Pearce!

Today I had one of the best dives of my life in Cabo Pearce in Socorro… not only did we see so many giant mantas that came straight to us and danced with us but ALSO, right after one had just came super close to me in what already felt like a special moment, then out of nowhere the dolphins showed up and were swimming right next to me!! A dolphin and I looked at each other in the eye and it was so magical I CRIED! My first time crying under water. My emotions were through the roof, that’s how good it was! THANK YOU!! I love mother nature!!

– Sarah

Super cool dives today in Cabo Pearce!!! Huge mantas interacting with us, they kept coming over and over again!!! The lava finger was something to remember as well!! Emiliano is an excellent dive guide and we had an amazing time! Till next time Socorro.

– Xara

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