Captain’s Noon Reports – Belle Amie – 2024-06-22

Belle Amie is anchored near the Canyon. Beautiful day with a light breeze from the WNW, a long 3ft swell from the SW, clear sky, air temp 27C. Dive conditions very nice, viz 15-20m, water temp 22-23C (a little warmer than last week), current mild.

Checkout dive was successful, no guest or gear issues, all good on that end plus a friendly manta was cruising around and spent time with all the groups.

On dive 2 at the Canyon, it got even better. A black and chevron manta around for entire dive, and a lot of sharks on the cleaning station including one oceanic black-tip, lots of Galapagos, silkies and silver tips. Guests and crew, all ok.

2 more dives planned here at the Canyon today, taco night tonight, then overnight to Roca Partida to join the NUS tomorrow.

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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