Cabo Pearce through the eyes of one of our Dive Guides!

I love when a plan works out. We are diving Cabo Pearce, it’s the second dive. During the first dive I could see some ghost like shades out in the blue on the north side of the lava finger… I know we have a school of Hammerheads out there but current conditions were not favourable. I told my group that if the current drops we could try to find that school. I really wanted to give it a shot and give that experience to my group, so we hit the pristine water for the second dive and had best visibility conditions and the current died completely. So obviously we head into the blue but still with visual on the lava finger, the visibility conditions helps us to get the extra distance and we begin to wait… 2 minutes- 3 minutes- 5 minutes and that’s when I slowly headed back.

We were still watching into the blue when suddenly out of the blue a solitary Hammerhead shows up and circle in front of us… hmm just one that wasn’t the plan… and BOOM just below us a school of 40-50 Scalloped Hammerhead crosses our field of vision. I had to stop people from swimming towards them and we wait again, I am pretty sure they are coming back. And then they appear in front swimming straight towards us and coming very close and vanish again into the depth. Emotions are through the roof when they come in again very slowly and closer, you can tell they want to satisfy their curiosity. Sadly it’s time to head back, you can’t assume that current conditions stay the same in Socorro.

On the way back I hear clicks, Dolphin clicks. We watch around but can’t see them. Hearing it again and then 2 Dolphins just pass us and disappear into the Pacific. When we reach the lava finger again a Dolphin is literally waiting for us and plays with us, he even bumps in the palm of a diver that presented his hand. We don’t touch animals, but here the animal chose to touch the diver, it was phenomenal!!! Then 2 other Dolphins show up and circle us, watch us coming very close even lay in some sandy patches and stay with our group for about 10 minutes. We then saw the Angels of the Pacific mixing into the show, majestic Mantas and Dolphins at the same time, just WOW… Then a Tiger Shark passes underneath us, not everybody of the group was aware of it – t0o distracted by Dolphins and Mantas, who can blame them!

Cabo Pearce was on fire, even for me diving Revillagigedo for a while, had a blast.
Actually the entire trip has been incredible.
Trip of a lifetime, Dive of a lifetime, experience of a lifetime…
A perfect day at Cabo Pearce, Perfection is simple.
A grateful Dive Guide, Pascal

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