Marine life is flourishing in Revillagigedo this Spring!

What a day in Punta Tosca. During the three dives we had encounters with mantas. Since the moment we jumped in we saw 3 mantas. Those 3 mantas stayed with us all day for the whole dive. Unbelievable. They were making every guests feel special and loved. This animals can make you feel unique in a way only they can, they care about how we feel when they approach us. I know that if one guest is afraid or not comfortable with them getting so close, mantas will wait. Also if the mantas are not comfortable in the way the diver approaches they will definitely make their point and turn around and do not come back. The key for a great interaction is to be relaxed and have a question in our mind. A thought or an idea that had been circling in our mind for some time, underwater in that magical moment when the 3 mantas are embracing you, encouraging you, the answer will appear. Thank you mantas for always helping me to take the good ways and for all the good answers!!

Diving in cold water is encouraging. It means that the ecosystem is ok against all the odds and the menaces of global warning. Revillagigedo in late June and July can be cold. Now the temperature averages 22 degrees Celcius. This is great for marine life. We are having encounters with a school of bonitos all the time. The canyon was covered with silver tips, hammers, jacks and bonitos all over the reef. Roca Partida balconies are stuffed with white tip reef sharks. I am loving this trips. Guests are so happy, even repeat guests can see this difference on the abundance of fish. These few degrees less are making Revillagigedo flourish.

-Celine, Dive Guide

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