Surrounded by five friendly giant mantas

When I booked this trip, I never imagined I’d find myself in the middle of 5 gigantic oceanic mantas circling around our group. They were so curious, they passed feet away from all of us, making eye contact and circling back over and over again. Sometimes they just hovered above us, enjoying the bubbles we released as we breathed. I’ll never forget that dive for as long as I live. It was almost an hour of pure magic. That dive may have been the highlight so far, but we’ve had several other manta encounters, not to mention dozens and dozens of sharks, a dolphin, and just the natural beauty of the rock formations and the fish and other wildlife that make their home here. I made this trip alone, but I hope one day to bring my son here when he’s old enough to dive. I want him to experience the natural beauty of this place and to have his own moments of connection with the incredible wildlife that I’ve never seen anywhere else. 
-Joe, onboard the Nautilus Undersea

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