Beautiful Giant Mantas, Dolphins, Sharks, Bait Balls and so much more.

“This is my second trip with Nautilus Dive Adventures and they exceeded my expectations again!!
The first trip was Great Whites at Guadalupe Island on the Belle Amie in 2017.
I feel blessed to be able to join them again, this time in Socorro to swim with the mantas, dolphins, sharks, tuna, and turtles.
This is the last trip here for the Nautilus Explorer this year. My group is honoured to be the last divers in the water for 2024 season. Many unforgettable memories were made on this trip as well as friendships and the camaraderie of sharing each others stories of past dives and experience. The Captain and Crew of the Explorer were the perfect hosts and always willing to help with whatever your needs. I hope to travel with them again soon.”
-Todd, Pennsylvania

“Day 4 of diving with Nautilus Live Aboard in Socorro Island. Incredible Crew and Staff. The diving has been amazing. Beautiful Giant Manta Rays, Dolphins, Sharks, Bait Balls and so much more. What an Amazing experience and I would highly recommend this experience.” -Dayna

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