First great white shark trip of the season

Location: At sea, en route from Ensenada to Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Comments: Cleared out of Ensenada last night on our first great white shark trip of the season. We are all very excited to get the cages in the water and starting diving tomorrow morning. The boys just finished cutting up tuna bait on the back deck and we have a 200 litre barrel full of lovely guts, blood and tuna gills ready to start scenting the water. We saw lots of flying fish this morning which was really cool. Our only concern is tropical storm Miriam but our shore office is keeping a very careful watch on its projected track and I won’t hesitate to bail early and refund charter fees if required.
–Captain Mike

Water: Water temperature at an astounding 71°F, which is unseasonably warm. Visibility at 100ft plus

By Nautilus Staff

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