Guadalupe great white shark cages working well

Location: At anchor North Cove, Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Comments: Day 1 of our Guadalupe great white shark ’06 season. Our new cages are working really well, and are far more stable than the ones we used last year. I’m really pleased with them. Sturdy gangplanks, DUI weight harnesses and 25ft whips on the 2nd stage regulators are all big improvements as well. We started chumming at 0615 this morning and had a bit of a slow start with our first white shark sighting at 0830. But we have had a couple of great encounters since then and everybody onboard is very “buzzed” and excited. It seems like the entire charter boat fleet is here as we are sharing our anchorage with the Solmar V, the Searcher and the Horizon!

–Captain Mike

Weather: High thin overcast, wind 10 knots from the west with a very low groundswell, temperature mid 70’s.
Water: Water temperature at an astounding 71˚F which is unseasonably warm. Visibility 100ft plus.

By Nautilus Staff

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