Great big white shark swimming around on the surface

Location: At anchor Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Comments: Slow start today and we didn’t see our first great big white shark until 10:30. We have seen 2 in the last hour and a half but they are staying fairly deep, swimming up to the surface and then going deep again. Not quite sure what to make of it. All the other “great white shark boats” are here – the Solmar V, Horizon, Islander and Searcher so it is very sociable. I went over to visit with Patric Douglas (Shark Diver) on the Islander and he had 2 sharks around his boat. I found myself wondering if it was really such a good idea to be standing off in a rubber (inflatable) boat watching great big white sharks swimming around on the surface right beside me. Those sharks looked bigger than the inflatable!!

–Captain Mike

Weather: Clear skies with lenticular clouds rolling over the top of Isla Guadalupe

Water: Water temperature at 70°F, visibility virtually unlimited and the water is a beautiful shade of sapphire blue

By Nautilus Staff

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