Steaming home from Guadalupe after our best trip so far with the white sharks

Location: At sea, heading 026 degrees true, 9.8 kts, en route from Guadalupe Island to Ensenada, Mexico.

Comments: We’re steaming home from Guadalupe Island and it’s resident great white sharks after our best trip of the season (so far). Sharks, sharks, and more sharks were around day after day with Bruce and Shredder being especially cooperative and helpful. It almost seemed that by day 3 they were more interested in circling around our cages than going after the tuna bait! Everyone felt a bit sorry for Bruce when he breached out of the water and re-entered heading straight for one of our 360 view boom cages and lightly bumped his snout on the aluminium bars. Not a big bump – but enough to go “owww.” The folks in the cage were certainly wide-eyed when they came out! We are a bit confused by all the shark breaches as there doesn’t seem to be any associated “trigger.” I can’t identify any correlation to bait, chum, prey or other sharks. I am starting to wonder if they do it “just because they can??”

–Captain Mike

Weather: 6 – 8ft big northwest swell off the port bow, 15 knots of wind, clear skies and hot.

Water: Water temp and visibility unknown.

By Nautilus Staff

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