Breaching white shark

Location: At anchor, Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Comments: Excellent white shark diving this morning! Bruce showed up at 0640 and by 0730, we had 4 great white sharks off the boat. Lots of breaching going on today for some reason… One of the guests watched Bruce make a couple of passes by the cage and then go deep before turning around and flinging himself out of the water with 3 quick flips of his tail. Unlike the great white sharks of South Africa, he came out of the water just like a dolphin, and one of our photographers got a great shot of Bruce’s head just as he was re-entering the water face first!!

–Captain Mike

Weather: Clear, light and variable winds, very low swell in anchorage, temperature in the high 70’s.

Water: Water temperature 70°F, visibility 100ft plus.

By Nautilus Staff

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