Saw 3 blue whales on our way to Ensenada!

Location: At sea, en route Guadalupe Island to Ensenada, Mexico.

Comments: We saw 3 blue whales an hour ago!! Of course, we stopped and watched them for a while. I thought that 40-ton humpback whales were big but these guys are enormous. Their bodies just seemed to go on and on as they prepared to “tail fluke” and do their deep dives. We also saw a mola mola or sunfish as we were drifting along with the blue whales. What a great ending to our first great white shark trip of the season.

–Captain Mike

Weather: 8ft seas departing Guadalupe last night but it moderated overnight and is now down to an almost imperceptible 4′ low swell. High overcast, calm winds, temperatures in the high 70’s.

Water: Water visibility and temperature unknown but it sure looks blue!

By Nautilus Staff

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