Our last day on station for this trip with the great white sharks of Isla Guadalupe

Location: At anchor – North Cove, Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Comments: It was VERY windy overnight but it seems like the winds are finally starting to calm down. Both the shark dive boat, the Islander and ourselves have been moving from site to site trying to find both a lee from the wind and where the darn sharks are hiding out! We had magnificent shark sightings on the first day of this trip but it has been pretty skinny since these huge winds kicked up. The only consolation is that this is the first time we have seen these kinds of winds for any sustained period of time at Guadalupe Island. It has been very peculiar as it is only blowing 15 – 20 knots out in the open ocean. I suspect that we have been experiencing katabatic winds or “williwaws” as we call them up north. Thankfully our guests are all happy because the shark sightings were so awesome on the first dive day.

–Captain Mike

Weather: Another blowy day although not as bad as yesterday. Today is the first time that it has felt chilly down here.

Water: Water temp at 70°F with 100ft visibility.

By Nautilus Staff

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