On station with the great white sharks of Guadalupe Island

Location: At anchor – North Cove, Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Comments: The high winds are making life very difficult for us today. Another shark dive boat was here earlier but their anchor dragged in the high winds and they have moved south. I’m not sure why, but the white sharks don’t seem to like the wind or choppy surface conditions.  I have noticed this before – the sharks disappear when it’s windy and the reappear as soon as everything calms down. We know that their visual acuity is similar to ours, and I’m guessing that they have trouble observing and checking out potential prey against a backdrop of wind and chop? I’ve tucked into the lee of the island as best I can and I am anchored quite close to the shoreline. There might not be many sharks today but at least the scenery is magnificent and there are lots of elephant seals, Guadalupe fur seals and California sea lions to check out.

–Captain Mike

Weather: Very windy today blowing a steady 30 knots with gusts to 50 kts although the seas are calm in the anchorage.

Water: Water temp 69°F (colder because of the wind?) and visibility 100ft.

By Nautilus Staff

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