A flurry of white shark activity

Location: Anchored in 250ft of water at our favourite site on station with the great white sharks of Guadalupe Island.

Comments: Had a flurry of white shark activity first thing this morning but it’s quiet now. I’m hoping for the usual dinner hour flurry with white sharks showing up “on their way home” between 1630 and 1830. One of this morning’s white sharks showed really interesting adaptive behaviour when it went for the shark wrangler’s line rather than the tuna bait – as we snapped the tuna out of the path of the white shark, the bait went straight into its mouth! Clever huh!?

–Captain Mike

Weather: Alto stratus except for clear skies on the leeward side of Guadalupe, windy this morning but forecast to calm down this afternoon

Water: Water temp 70°F, 100ft visibility.

By Nautilus Staff

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