Super hot diving this morning with great white sharks

Location: Hot diving with great white sharks of Isla Guadalupe

Comments: The diving is super hot this morning, with great white sharks continuously around the back of the Nautilus Explorer. The last day and a half were quiet with sporadic sightings (although our first afternoon was good), but the winds have died down and the white sharks are back with a vengeance. It seems to me that the sharks become either (a) timid or (b) uninterested in feeding near the surface once it gets choppy and windy. I understand that their visual acuity is similar to ours (apparently they can eject water over their eyes when their heads are out of the water to maintain focus) and I’m guessing that they do not like getting close to confused surface conditions. The myth of the mindless, programmed and ruthless killer is just that –  a myth courtesy of JAWS (the movie)!! These sharks are clearly far more adaptive and much smarter than that.

–Captain Mike

Weather: The winds finally died down and it is a beautiful calm and sunny day at Isla Guadalupe. Temperatures in the low 70’s.

Water: Visibility virtually unlimited. Water temp 70°F.

By Nautilus Staff

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