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  • A great white shark at Guadalupe

    An Eleven-Year-Old’s Perspective on Guadalupe and More

    There were 3 to 7 sharks in the water at a time. The water was like glass, it was so calm.

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  • Great white splash, photo by Nadine Hetges

    Shark Filled Waters at Guadalupe

    The second day is a culmination – the water is filled with sharks, visibility is fantastic, everyone and everything is bursting with the activity and energy, emotions run high.

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  • Sunset in an open ocean crossing

    The Quiet Beauty of an Open Ocean Crossing

    With a quick safety briefing, accompanied with a nice refreshing glass of champagne and homemade sushi by our Chef, we are ready to head to the Isle of the Shark.

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  • Shredder Shark Express to Guadalupe Island

    Introducing Shredder: Our Luxury Shark Express

    We are excited to announce the launch of our new luxury coach, Shredder. Shredder is named after one of our beloved great white sharks that we haven’t seen in a while, unfortunately. Shredder is very distinctive due to his shredded (get it?!) dorsal fin, and we wanted to pay homage to him with our new vehicle.

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  • Manila Galleons were part of the history of Guadalupe Island, Painting by Cornelis Verbeeck, circa 1618

    The History of Guadalupe Island

    Welcome to Guadalupe Island! Situated in deep water off the continental shelf of North America, the history of Guadalupe Island is rich with Spanish and Portuguese explorers, pirates, gold and the Manila galleons, rapacious American and Russian sealers and fur traders. We love Guadalupe Island and hope that you will come to feel the same way. This volcanic island is estimated to be 8 million years old!!

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  • A sea otter having sex with harbor seals????

    Location: Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. We will be boarding our first Guadalupe Island great white shark trip of the season in just a couple of hours.   I am totally wired and can’t wait to find out what the diving is going to be like when the Nautilus Explorer arrives on station.  Unfortunately I will be shoreside during the first two charters and won’t be able to jump in with the white sharks myself until September 8th. I can’t wait.  Captain Rob and lead divemaster Sten have promised to keep me in the loop as soon as they see their first shark.   In the meantime, I am grateful to Jim Patterson of Adventure Sports in Santa Cruz for passing the following article along to me.  Earlier this summer I wrote about a sea otter that was allegedly attacking harbour seals, biting them on the head and snout,  and trying to have sex with them.  WELL… it turns out that the rumour appears to be true.    The following story was written by Vicki Haddock and published in the San Francisco Chronicle!!!    Hmmmm. Captain Mike Murderous Otters Prey on Seal Pups Serial killers elude marine experts Authorities were on…

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  • Submersible cage for diving with great white sharks

    Location: Ensenada, Mexico Excitement is running really high among the crew as we make final preparations for boarding our first great white shark trip to Guadalupe Island tomorrow.  Everyone has been working flat-out to get the Nautilus Explorer turned around at the shipyard.   We yanked and changed out the carpet on the main deck, dorm and crew quarters with Transport Canada rated 100% wool fire-retardant carpet that had to be specially ordered from Greece, prepped the dive deck for glistening new white paint with the help of the top-notch crew from the Gran Peninsula, overhauled the 5 ton hydraulic crane, got all of our shark diving gear and cages out of storage, tested everything and put it all back together for another great white season, cut up 2200 pounds of blue-fin tuna into shark sized bits on an assembly line that started with a gasoline chain saw and Tim and Sam wearing bright yellow slickers and ended with Will wielding an electric drill with a very long bit and an armful of hemp leader  (kudos to Eve, one of our bright, smiling hostesses for diving in and trying out a chainsaw for the first time although it would have been…

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