Introducing Shredder: Our Luxury Shark Express

We are excited to announce the launch of our new luxury coach, Shredder. Shredder is named after one of our beloved great white sharks that we haven’t seen in a while, unfortunately. Shredder is very distinctive due to his shredded (get it?!) dorsal fin, and we wanted to pay homage to him with our new vehicle.

This coach whisks our guests from our hospitality suite at the Island Palms in San Diego, California directly to where our vessel is waiting in Ensenada, Mexico. The use of this coach slices 8 hours off (that’s right, eight whole hours!!) the open ocean crossing, as San Diego is much further north than Ensenada. Our dive masters are there to guide everyone through the process, including a painless pass through the US/Mexico border. Guests arrive at the vessel in time for champagne and light refreshments before a restful sleep as we begin our journey to Guadalupe Island.

On the return, guests are again transported by Shredder to either the Tijuana Airport or our hospitality suite in San Diego. We work to make every trip as easy and comfortable as possible for our guests, and we are glad to introduce Shredder as the most recent addition to this process. Welcome aboard Shredder, the Great White Shark Express!


By Nautilus Staff

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2 replies on “Introducing Shredder: Our Luxury Shark Express”

That is awesome! I can attest that the transfer down and back to Ensenada is seamless and oh so much fun! Can’t wait for my first ride aboard Shredder’s #SharkExpress! See you in October!!! 🦈🦈🦈

I’m glad it was a great transfer for you Clare, and I’m excited for you to see the new Shredder luxury coach!! See you in a couple months!

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