Shredder – Our Favourite Tattered and Beat-Up Great White Shark

Location: Lighthouse Bay, Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico

Comments: It’s cloudy today darnit… How are we supposed to work on our dive deck tans?? Seriously, this is the first time this season that it hasn’t been sunny for most of the day (we did get a morning of brief rain showers 2 trips ago). The difficulty with an overcast is that the light flattens out and makes it more difficult to spot great white sharks as they sneak up to the back of the boat. The benefit is the heart pounding surprise of standing on the water level aft deck and suddenly realizing that there is a great white shark 5 feet away from you!!

White shark sightings and behaviour today were very good although I would describe it as the slowest day of this trip. We had a steady stream of sharks swimming past the cages. Sightings included “Snow White,” “Shredder,” “Rocket,” 1 medium female that we couldn’t identify (even with the help of Mauricio, our favourite Mexican shark scientist), and one very big and very clean and beautiful momma female that we think might be “Sarah.” Unlike last year, we haven’t seen much of “Bruce” –  he has been by a couple of times but has not been making daily visits the way he did last season.

Good old “Shredder” – our favourite tattered and beat-up male great white shark – has graced us with his habit of popping by the back deck at least once a day. I had a very closeup look at “Shredder” yesterday and he has even more scars, injuries and tags on him than I have ever seen before. His dorsal fin is totally mangled and “shredded” and I’ve always wondered if that happened when he was a juvenile and got in the way of a big female… I always feel a bit sorry for “Shredder.” Safe diving all!

–Captain Mike


Weather: Overcast, light winds, air temperatures in the mid 70’s, very calm seas.

Water: Water temperature 70 degrees, visibility 100 feet plus.

By Nautilus Staff

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