Humpback whales singing underwater at Socorro Island

Location: Punta Tosca, Socorro Island, Isla Revillagigedos, Mexico

Comments: I wish that I could report that the diving is excellent, amazing and superb every time we come to Socorro Island. Unfortunately, the reality is that sometimes the diving is “off,” or it’s cloudy and windy (or even rainy as happened on the last trip, although that was exceptionally unusual). On the other hand, when Socorro is “hot,” it can be the best diving of the trip. And that is exactly what happened today. It was a sunny, hot and cloudless day. The visibility was great, we could hear the humpback whales singing underwater, dolphins were interacting with us, we saw lots of really cute juvenile silky sharks as well as white tip reef sharks hiding in caves in the coral gardens, turtles, loads of fish, aggressive Socorro lobsters, schooling wahoo and, of course, giant manta rays. The very best part of the day was when a couple of humpback whales came in and spent time with our divers. How come I’m never in the water at the right time?! The topside fun included suntanning, hot tubbing, whale watching from an inflatable, and kayaking in the large sea caves that extend 200 feet under the shoreline, as well as lots of margaritas, cervezas, martinis and wine at the end of the dive day.

–Captain Mike

Weather: Calm, clear, 78°F with no swell in our anchorage.

Water: 74°F water temp. Visibility 75 feet.

By Nautilus Staff

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