In transit to San Bendicto Island

Location: 30 miles north of San Benedicto Island (Socorro), Islas Revillagigedos, Mexico
Comments: Tis a lovely day at sea.  It was a bit windy when we departed last night with 6 footers on the beam.  However it calmed down overnight and it’s now flat calm without a breath of wind and just a low northwesterly swell.  It’s always a bit of a funny feeling to be on our little 116 feet steel island, surrounded by ocean, without land or any other boats in sight. This is one deserted stretch of ocean and on a number of our transits from Baja California to San Benedicto Island, we have steamed for 24 hours without seeing another vessel.  It’s like another world out here.  Our guests have been busy setting up their dive gear, attending various presentations on dive safety, marine identification and how to interact with giant manta rays.  I think we tired everyone out and our hostesses are busy serving cold beer and pina coladas to guests as they flake out in deck chairs!!   Diving starts at  0745 tomorrow morning.  Captain Mike
Weather: High thin scattered clouds, calm winds, low northwest swell, 81°F and flying fish everywhere!
Water: Water temp and vis unknown.