Diving with Mudsharks at Telegraph Cove

Location: Barry Islet in Queen Charlotte Sound, Walt’s Wall (Pearce Island – Stubbs Island), Telegraph Cove, Port Hardy, British Columbia

Walt’s Wall on Pearce Island turned out to be the highlight of today with spectacular visibility. We were able to see waayyyy down the wall from the deck of the skiff and enjoyed the dive almost as much as our divers!! It is a spectacular site much like San Miguel Island in the Channel Islands with heavy invertebrate life throughout the kelp forest and down over the edge of the wall. Diving with mudsharks at Telegraph Cove can be “hit or miss” at this time of year but when it’s good, it is very good with 200 – 300 sharks cruising around underneath the pilings. Unfortunately, there were no sharks to be found there today, darn it. Maybe next week.

–Captain Mike


Weather: Clear skies, calm seas, the temperature is in the mid 70’s and a beautiful day all around.

Water: Water temp 48° F, visibility 50ft plus, plus, plus!

By Nautilus Staff

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