Diving on a Boeing 737

Location: Boeing 737 at Chemainus, Dodd Narrows, Breakwater Island, Gabriola Pass, Canadian Gulf Islands, British Columbia.

Today we got to go diving on a Boeing 737! How often does that happen?! This tired old worn-out Canadian Airlines 737 series 200 (which is the 2nd evolution of the “thirty-seven” and far more fuel thirsty than the 737’s currently flown by the major airlines) was stripped down by a salvage company and then donated to the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia. Peter Luckham (49th Parallel Dive Charters) organized an effort to plop the jet down on top of 4 “stilts” in 95 feet of water just off Chemainus and it is an interesting dive site.

Dive #2 was at Dodd Narrows which is just as amazing as I remembered. We finished the day off with another “old faithful” diving with the wolf eels at Breakwater Island.  The visibility proved to be excellent (50 foot plus) and the wolf eels were still right where I remembered them to be. Tonight, we are off on an overnight run to Race Rocks, Ogden Point and Victoria.

–Captain Mike

Weather: High scattered clouds, temperatures mid 70’s, 10-knot winds from the southwest, calm seas.

Water: Water temperature 48° degF.  Visibility variable from 20 feet to an exceptionally clear and

By Nautilus Staff

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