Kick-off for our Guadalupe Island Great White Shark Season

Location: Northeast Bay, Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Comments: Captain Dave has reported via satellite phone that the kick-off to our Guadalupe Island great white shark season was FANTASTIC and far exceeded our expectations. Today was the first day on station “sharking,” and there was a steady stream off sharks all day long. One shark hung around the back of the boat for 8 hours while 2 more animals hung out together for 1 1/2 hours.

Dave and the divemasters reported that the first shark appeared within 20 minutes of putting the first cage in the water. Total number of sightings included at least eight great white sharks (maybe more), including our old friends Shredder (with the tattered dorsal fin) and Bruce.

The Solmar V and the Horizon were both on station and also enjoying wonderful shark encounters. My homegrown theory is that the sharks swim from boat to boat (providing enjoyment for all) just as if they were checking out different buffet tables at a smorgasbord…

It’s an interesting trip for us in that all four cages are in the water but there were only six guests onboard.  Yup, six guests! They booked the entire ship for a wonderful and exclusive private yacht charter experience…

I’m back in San Diego/Ensenada on September 18th to take out our first ever “Family Trip”  (with 8 kids onboard including Emily and Charlie), and can’t wait to see all my old friends with their big toothy smiles.

–Captain Mike


Weather: Clear, 15-knot winds from the northwest, low swell in the anchorage, air temperature in the high 70’s

Water: Visibility at least 125 feet

By Nautilus Staff

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