Awestruck and Happy Guests Diving in Cages

Location: Guadalupe Island great white sharks, Mexico

Comments: Well, our ride over to Guadalupe for this trip was a little bumpier than we normally get. This did not seem to deter our guests or dampen spirits and the mood on board was upbeat. We arrived at the island around eight at night to find calm seas. The shark cages went into the water without a hitch and we had a couple of “tea bags” of bait in the water to tempt the great white sharks.

The following morning with bait in the water and a glorious sunrise we had our first shark at a little after eight. Not the species we had all travelled so far to see…but rather a curious mako shark! Try as he might he could not get the bait. A few of our guests did not think the mako was a good sign, as he would surely not be so close to us if there were great whites about.

Fortunately, the mako did not hang around and the reason was soon clear when a couple of 12′ male great whites showed up and seemed to be taking turns to make a run on baits we had out. Despite the best efforts of the crew on the bait lines, the sharks seemed to be on a winning streak.

The action continued all day long in a similar manner and all of our guests seem to come up from diving in the cages awestruck and happy.

–DM Buzz


Weather: Sunny, high clouds in distance, light winds, calm, air temperature high 70’s

Water: Water visibility 100 feet, temperature 72 degrees

By Nautilus Staff

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