Putting kids in cages with great white sharks

Location: enroute Isla Guadalupe from Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
Comments: Captain Mike here, back at the helm and loving it!! I’ve been on days off with Captain Dave doing an excellent job of covering things, but it is really nice to be back onboard. Even better, this is the start of our long awaited ‘Family trip’ and we have 5 kids onboard (including my 7 year old daughter, Emily, and 5 year old son, Charlie) chomping at the bit to see great white sharks. The rest of our passenger list includes journalists, 2 film crews, Mauricio Hoyes (our favourite shark scientist) and some greatly appreciated ‘regular’ guests. I have taken quite a bit of flack for the idea of putting kids in cages with great white sharks but was determined to move ahead with this trip. The way that we are wiping out the various shark populations is crazy and quite sickening. I don’t understand why the sharks’ impending extinction does not seem to bother very many people. I hope that putting kids in our cages to see the white sharks for themselves – and to hopefully see them as cool and beautiful and not at all scarey – will be one small step to changing the crazy attitude that sharks are mean and remorseless killers. The only mean thing that I see with sharks is the fishermen who cut off their fins and throw the live animals back into the water. Our crossing to Guadalupe has been a bit on the rough side with 3 out of the 5 kids seasick. We put electronic anti-seasickness bracelets on the kids and that seemed to be making a big difference. Despite my enthusiasm for this project, I do not want any of the kids to feel any pressure to get in the water. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow morning…
Weather: Sunny, winds from the west at 15 knots, 6 foot rollers on the beam with some motion on the boat (but not bad with our stabilization system taking much of the roll out).  Air temperature mid 70’s.
Water: Visibility unknown but very blue. Temperature 70 degrees.