7 Great White Sharks at One Time!

Location: Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Comments: Our final day of sharking started pretty slow, possibly due to a change in the weather – more wind and a little surface chop. By 10:30 am with not too much happening, we lifted anchor and moved a half mile or so north to where we could see a line of current. This proved to be a decision which was very popular with our guests. After an hour of chumming at our new location we had white sharks everywhere with at least seven different individuals coming and going, and at one point could clearly see five sharks! Even from the surface, the views were fabulous. This was non-stop until we began to pull out our cages for the trip back to Ensenada. Even whilst lifting the cages there were sharks circling, making life for the divemasters a little bit more exciting. All our guests reported that they had three fantastic days of cage diving on the island of Guadalupe, with one guest openly admitting that it was the best experience of his life.

–DM Buzz


Weather: Sunny with 15 knots of wind, air temperature low 70’s, choppy sea state

Water: 60ft visibility in the water, a temperature of 72˚F.

By Nautilus Staff

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