Historical Diving Society Gets Wet With Great White Sharks

Location: Lighthouse Bay, Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico

Comments: Well, two days of flat light, choppy and “roughish” seas and gusty winds came to an end overnight and today dawned with more typical weather conditions for Guadalupe Island – sunny skies, flat calm glassy water, great visibility and LOTS of sharks!! I always suggest to guests that they savour the moment when the great white shark sightings get really HOT and everyone on this trip took me at my word. The shark cages have been full all day.

We typically pull the shark cages out of the water at 4:30 p.m. on the last dive day but somehow, these darned white sharks must have figured out that timing (or one of them had a quick peak at the whiteboard in the main salon) because 3 of them showed up in force just before cage pulling time and made pass after pass. Our photographers were going nuts with the photo opportunities.

This is great white shark trip #4 for one guest and he commented that he got more images in the last 1/2 hour of this trip than his other 3 trips combined!! Needless to say, we blew past our 4:30 cage pulling time and made sure that everyone got their fill of sharks.

This was a very special trip for another reason. The charter was “invitation only” and intended as a fundraiser for the Historical Diving Society with a wonderfully diverse and interesting guest list. I was honoured to be part of such a special and warm occasion. Chartermaster, educator, and conservationist Ed Stetson organized everything and was joined by Zale Parry, Ernie Brooks, Cathy Church and her husband Herb Raefel, Tim Means from Baja Expeditions, Pete Thomas from the LA Times, Lee Selisky, Leslie Leaney and a host of other fascinating folks.

Stay tuned to the multi-media section of our website within the next month or so for the posting of some very interesting pictures and videos.  Cheers from the Nautilus!

–Captain Mike


Weather: Clear skies, calm seas, no wind, air temperature mid 70’s

Water: Water temperature 68°F, visibility 75ft.

By Nautilus Staff

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