Captain Dave is taking over

Comments: Well, this is my sign-off as Captain.  Captain Dave is taking over and I’m headed back to Canada to spend a couple of weeks with my kids.  Our transit from Guadalupe Island back to Ensenada was uneventful with mild 6 foot seas yesterday evening mellowing out overnight to just a low swell for the morning.  This was truly a lovely trip with a group of exceptionally warm and nice people onboard.  The great white sharks weren’t bad either!!  Confirmed shark identifications for Day 1 were: Daryl, Erik, Shredder (as always!!), Stimpy. Sightings for Day 2 were: Shredder, Squire, Chica, Erin.  Mauricio the shark scientist was busy on Day 3 tracking and following a juvenile with a tag by panga and we had trouble confirming our id’s.  We saw 1 big female, 2 males 12 – 14 feet, 1 male at 10 feet and 1 super cute juvenile at 7 feet.   Behaviour and sightings on Day 3 were especially outstanding.   Cheers and safe diving,  Captain Mike
Weather: Clear skies, calm seas, no wind, air temperature mid 70’s.
Water: Water temperature 68°F