Tail Flicks Against a Megaladon Cage by a Great White Shark

Location: Lighthouse Bay, Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico

Comments: We saw a noticeable drop in the wind and swell at Isla Guadalupe today. The great white sharks were back with a vengeance after taking a bit of a break yesterday morning. The sharks made up for their break by managing to steal several pieces of tuna in a short space of time.

The divemastesr soon found their own form however, snatching the tuna baits away from a large female with a severely broken tail who seemed to be working in tandem with “Chica,” who is a regular visitor when we are in Guadalupe.  “Broken Tails” showed some very interesting behaviour – flicking her caudal fin against one of the transom cages and then later rubbing up against the same cage.

Captain Mike is known in the white shark fleet as “Captain Megaladon” because of the way he over-designed and overbuilt these shark cages. While it was very exciting to have a great white shark rubbing up against a cage, nobody had any real sense of danger or that the cages were in the least bit vulnerable. It was a great day! The guests got some fantastic pictures and video and a really big fish story for the local bars back home.

–DM Buzz


Weather: Mid-level broken clouds, overcast 5-10 knots winds. 3 foot swell. Air temperature low-70°F

Water: Water temperature 68°F, visibility 100 feet

By Nautilus Staff

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