Whale Sharks in the Sea of Cortez

Comments: Captain Dave is still at the helm and reports that everything is fine and good in the Sea of Cortez. Sten “the Vikingo” is onboard as lead divemaster along with Chef Enrique, Silvia and Genevieve in hotel, Tim and Bob are in engineering and helping out on the back deck and Tricia and Joe are working alongside Sten in dive operations.

The Nautilus Explorer is scheduled to arrive at San Benedicto Island early tomorrow morning for our first dive day of the season at Socorro/Revillagigedos – hopefully the scuba diving will be excellent as always with loads of giant manta rays, dolphins, sharks and pelagic fish.

Our friends on the Solmar V reported seeing five whale sharks at Roca Partida last week and we are obviously hoping for the same kind of sightings. Fingers crossed because one never knows quite what will happen with big animal diving.

Report from Sten & Dave regarding the Sea of Cortez: “We saw five whale sharks at El Mogote and our two local pangas were busy dropping off and picking up our divers. A 6 metre whale shark stopped to feed and positioned itself vertically in the water, completely indifferent to our snorkellers. This provided a great opportunity for photos and videos. Pelicans reportedly dive bombed the bait fish that the whale shark was feeding on and thousands of the fish ended up hiding in the exhaust bubbles from the underwater main engine exhaust of the Nautilus.”

Sounds like fun! I will be back onboard and posting daily captains reports by December 7th.

–Captain Mike


Weather: Mostly clear skies, light winds 10 knots or less, 1-2 foot chop, air temperatures in the 80’s.

Water: Water temperature 81°F, visibility 100 feet (less with the whale sharks in 14 feet of water at El Mogote).

By Nautilus Staff

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