Kick-off to our Socorro/Revillagigedo Giant Manta Dive Season

Comments: Captain Log reports are in from the boat on their first trip of the season to Socorro/Revillagigedo Islands. I will be back onboard the Nautilus on December 7th and can’t wait to put pen to paper – well, fingers to keyboard to be more precise – and write some more timely daily reports.

Divemaster Sten (affectionately known as Vikingo) reports that the warmup dives at the divesite El Canyon at San Benedicto Island were pretty quiet without much life. Sten and Captain Dave decided to move around to the tiny submerged pinnacle on the west side of San Benedicto known as The Boiler and found that the diving was on fire with 3 black mantas, a dolphin and even a hammerhead shark coming in to check out our divers.

A fabulous time was had by all in the afternoon and such is the nature of Big Animal diving – you never know where those suckers are going to be and a day that starts quietly can turn into the hottest diving of the trip.

–Captain Mike


Water: In-water visibility 120 feet, water temperature 80°F at the Boiler, slightly lower visibility at the Canyon.

By Nautilus Staff

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