Scuba diving with dolphins???

Location: Cabo Pearse, Socorro Island, Revillagigedos, Mexico
Comments: Our scuba diving guests had a magnificent encounter today with dolphins at Cabo Pearse on Socorro Island.  Socorro/Revillagigedos is famous for amazingly close and intimate interaction with giant mantas that is unique in the world.  The shark and large pelagic diving has always been pretty good here as have sightings and occasional interaction with humpback whales.  Dolphin sightings have been predictable enough in the past that I have been able to joke in my welcome-aboard briefing that a welcoming committee of dolphins will be there to meet and greet the Nautilus Explorer 1 1/2 hours north of San Benedicto Island  –  and they have always been there!!  But the dolphin encounters this season have taken a turn and evolved into something quite spectacular and consistent that we have only rarely seen before.  The dolphins have been onhand to interact with our divers on virtually every dive day of the season so far.  Video to follow and as you’ll see, the dolphins are coming up to scuba divers at their safety stops on the anchor line, hanging beside the divers, mimicking the divers, presenting themselves to be touched, rubbing themselves against the anchor line and just plain hanging out with our guests.  It’s truly amazing and almost as if the dolphins have been taking lessons from the giant manta rays on how to behave around scuba divers.  Captain Mike
Weather: Mid level broken clouds, 6- 8 foot sea outside but we are hiding in a sheltered anchorage, air temperatures cooler in the low 80’s.
Water: Water temperature 77 degrees F, visibility 100 feet plus.