Captain Mike back at the helm and loving it

Location: Puertos Los Cabos marina, San Jose del Cabo, Baja California, Mexico
Comments: Captain Mike here.  I’m back onboard and couldn’t be happier to be here.  Captain Rob is taking a very well deserved vacation and I get to drive the Nautilus Explorer and go diving.  We are in the final stages of pre-departure preparation and will be departing the sparkling new marina at San Jose del Cabo in a couple of minutes.  I’ve been working out of our Vancouver office for the last month on a very exciting dive project and hope to be able to make the details public at the beginning of May. On a different note, I have received some very interesting emails recently concerning the last couple of Captain Log reports.  We have always prided ourselves on writing about both the good and the bad stuff that happens during our trips.  I don’t want to be relentlessly optimistic and in an
uber-marketing mode while glossing over the fact that the vis was down and no big animals have been seen for the last 3 days.  In the spirit of telling it exactly as it is, I have to tell you that the water temperature at Socorro and the Revillagigedos was 70 degrees, not 72 degrees last week.  I saw 70 degrees in the report from the boat and thought “no, it can’t be that cold, no way, it’s a typo, I’ve never seen it colder than 72” and changed the number in the reports to “72”.  It was in fact 70 degrees as I now understand.    A couple of clients pointed out to me that while it might have been silky smooth seas on the surface at Roca Partida, there was in fact a dramatic vertical surge underwater.  And finally, we had a medical emergency on the ship with a diving incident and a guest who needed medical assistance.  Our very great thanks to the medically trained passenger and crew onboard the Nautilus Explorer who immediately jumped in and helped out, the fantastically helpful and friendly officers and men at the navy base on Socorro Island as well as Antonio Luevenos in Cabo San Lucas.   Their help was invaluable in arranging treatment and medical air evacuation from Socorro Island to Cabo San Lucas.
Weather: clear skies, air temperature low 80’s, no wind and calm seas
Water: water temperature and visibility unknown