Enroute San Benedicto Island in Calm Seas

Location: Somewhere approximately half-way between the southern tip of Baja California and San Benedicto Island.

Comments: I came on watch this morning to beautiful calm seas with a very low swell from the northwest and clear skies. Ocean passages like this are a dream and I’m almost sad at the thought of arriving at San Benedicto Island around dinner time tonight!! Typically, we don’t get a lot of weather and waves generated by frontal activity down here although I have seen a couple of intense micro but incredibly intense fronts go through the Revillagigedos (witness the white squall experienced at Roca Partida last November). The waves that we get are almost always left-over swell that has travelled all the way down the coast of North America from the Bering Sea. 6 footers are probably our median wave height but with a typical 14 second period, the ride is quite comfortable. Sometimes the waves are bigger or have a shorter period. And sometimes – like today – it feels like we never left the harbour even though we are in open ocean!!

–Captain Mike


Weather: Clear skies, air temperature 84°F, light and variable winds, calm seas with a low northwest swell

Water: Water temperature and visibility unknown

By Nautilus Staff

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