Shipyard Refit Part 1

Location: Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Comments: We have been incredibly busy over the last 3 weeks with Part 1 of our 2008 shipyard refit. My apologies for not getting a Captain’s Log report out before this. The Nautilus Explorer was built in a Canadian shipyard to our custom specifications and launched in May 2000. The ship is under rigorous annual inspection requirements by Transport Canada as an ISM SOLAS Home Trade 1 passenger vessel and undergoes an even more detailed quadrennial inspection every 4 years. This year is our second quadrennial and we really went to town!! The Cummins distributor took apart the main engines and gensets. The seachest and all the associated engine room piping as well as the bilge suction lines and fire mains were taken apart with lots of on condition renewal (if it doesn’t look almost new, we replaced it!!) and many fittings replaced.

The Nautilus is built to a standard that includes flanged bronze and steel non-return ball valves on all overside discharges including the exhaust system and these were all replaced. The exhaust and muffler systems were taken apart, renewed and pressure tested before refitting. The electrical system was megger tested (we do that every year). The exterior of the ship was sanded down from the keel all the way up to the top deck and then sprayed with 2 coats of epoxy primer and 2 topcoats. I think she looks pretty sharp!!

The sewage system was renewed and is sparkly clean with every discharge and vent line having been inspected, roto-routed and blown out. Water tanks were opened up, inspected and touched up (we do that every year). Props, shafts and rudders were all removed and overhauled. New bearings were installed in the stern tubes. The interior was renewed and freshened up and we made a whole series of little improvements here and there. It’s going to be tight being ready in time for tomorrow’s California Channel Islands charter but we’ll make it.

After that it’s off to Vancouver for Part 2 of the refit prior to the start of our British Columbia and Alaska summer season. Who the heck wants to be on charter when it is so much fun in the shipyard (that’s an attempt at humour on my part)!! Captain’s Log reports on the Channel Islands to follow.

–Captain Mike


Weather: Mostly sunny. Air temperature mid 70’s. Light winds.

Water: Temperature and visibility unknown.

By Nautilus Staff

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