California Channel Islands Scuba Diving Adventure – Day 1

Location: San Clemente Island, Channel Islands, California, USA

Comments: Divemaster Tricia here. Captain Mike has pneumonia and had to go back to Vancouver. The “other” Captain Mike (Innes) is onboard. We left Ensenada yesterday afternoon after our guests were transferred down by luxury highway coach, steamed overnight and set the anchor at San Clemente Island this morning. This is my first time diving the California Channel Islands but the very able Captain Eric Kett (formerly of Truth Aquatics) is working dive operations and knows this area like the back of his hand. We dove Window Pane with its fabulous kelp forest. And then Pyramid Cove which was especially great with large schools of blue rockfish and lots of sea lions hanging around.

–DM Tricia


Weather: Air temp 70°F, clear skies, light breeze, low chop

Water: 59°F, visibility 20-30 feet

By Nautilus Staff

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