Day 2 at San Clemente Island

Location: San Clemente Island, Channel Islands, California, USA

Comments: Another great day of diving in the southern Channel Islands. Here is what I recorded in my personal dive log: Aquarium Reef – temp 56, vis 30 feet, breezy, 3 foot swell – lots of purple corralline algae and small amounts of purple hard coral. (Dive with Ian) Aquarium Reef – temp 56, vis 20 feet, breezy, 3 foot swell, Garibaldi NW Harbor – temp 55, vis 20 feet, light breeze, 1-2 foot swell – kelp forest, sea lions, nudibranchs. NW Harbor (twilight) – temp 55 vis 20 feet, calm, calm – blue shark, much more skittish than those we are used to in the Revillagigedo.

–DM Tricia


Weather: Air temp 75°F, clear skies, breezy, 3 foot swell dropping

Water: Water temp: 55-56°F, visibility 20-30 feet

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