The great white sharks are back at Guadalupe Island

Location: Shark Bay, Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico
After a couple of days of white sharking that seemed to get progressively quieter and quieter, it was energizing to get “back on the money” and have the sharks back in full force today.   Diving conditions were quite a bit tougher than normal as we had to deal with a swell that was wrapping around Guadalupe and causing some rocking and rolling in Shark Bay.  It’s very unusual to have these kinds of sea conditions at Guadalupe Island.   But it was still diving as usual for our guests and we kept the submersible cage in constant operation all day long.   As we have noticed ever since the maiden dive of our submersible cage this season, it is the place to be if you want to see the best shark action.  Divers in the submersible cage today were treated to interaction between a young male California sealion and large great white with some heavy scars.  The sealion kept swimming around the great white and made the occasional nip on the shark’s fins!!!  This continued for over 2 hours!!   The sealion also paid a lot of attention to the submersible cage and divers which seemed to encourage the shark to come in close (within arms reach) as well.  Every time we brought the submersible cage up to the surface, this comedy duo would follow us up and then wait for us to descend again.  It was awesome.  As the day wore on, the shark activity just got better and better.   We even saw a large male and female who seemed to be having some sort of liason.  The male was very interested in her and she showed no sign of want to chase him off.   Finished the day off with 1 adult white shark and 2 juvenile male great whites running patterns between the surface cages and submersible.  What a day!!!!   Divemaster Buzz
Weather: Low cloud, air temperatures mid 70’s,  15 – 20 knots of wind with whitecaps and a swell rolling into our usually protected anchorage.
Water: Water temperature 21 degrees.  Visibility down to 60 – 80 feet which is what normally happens on these occasionally rough days.

By Nautilus Staff

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