It never rains at Guadalupe Island!!

Location: Shark Bay, Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico.
Unbelievably it rained today at Guadalupe Island which is extremely unusual.  There was a very bad forest fire on the Island 2 weeks ago which wiped out 80 percent of the cedar and pine forest that was delicately balanced along the ridge line of Guadalupe.  It’s too bad it didn’t rain then.   Had a slow start as the rain seemed to make the divers feel a bit sleepy.  Despite the rain, a lot of us still went out for an early morning ride in the inflatable.  The clouds and the impressive high rocky wall stretching straight up from sea level to 4500 feet made for a very dramatic sight.   The sharks as well as the divers go more active after lunch and we kept the submersible cage going up and down nonstop until 5 p.m. when it got a bit murky in the water.  The cage was very popular with both our divers and the sharks.   7 different sharks turned up –  3 females and 4 males. Divemaster Sten and Sharkmaster Sam.
WeatherL 2ft swell. Rain in the morning! It  after breakfast and got better and better in the afternoon until the sun came out.
Water: 20 C . A bit colder than normal with also a bit more current than normal. Viz 120 ft.

By Nautilus Staff

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