Warm up dive at Roca Partida in the middle of the ocean!!

Location: Due to weather considerations we decided to start the trip off at Roca Partida.
A small rock in the middle of the pacific, it is not particularly impressive above the surface aside from the numerous boobies and frigate birds duking it out for their next meal. Beneath the waves though, it offers a very imposing and impressive sheer rock wall dropping away into the abyss and is home to many species of sharks, pelagic fish, mantas, eels and more. After a slightly bumpy beginning out of Cabo San Lucas the seas flattened out and the rest of the crossing was quite pleasant, and included several dolphin escorts along the way.
Our first morning at Roca Partida dawned overcast but with fairly light winds and a long, easy swell, allowing for the checkout dive conditions that Captain Mike had noticed when he was scrutinizing the weather forecasts.. As the day wore on the weather only improved, giving us clear blue skies and very calm seas.
Weather: Conditions down under were just as impressive with water temp at the surface around 79F, staying fairly consistent with depth aside from the occasional cold upwelling from the deeps.
Water: Visibility was variable but at its best offered 80 – 100 ft up the sheer wall to the surface. Off the wall into the blue we enjoyed 60 ft plus of vis.

By Nautilus Staff

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